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Arkley - Wiggle It (Acid Grooves) Sleeve [Low-Res-FINAL].jpg
Artist: ARKLEY
Date: 24 MARCH 2023

Scottish DJ and producer Arkley launches his new maximalist 90s rave-inspired EP ExtRaveRted with a warehouse party vibed version of 2 In A Room's hip house classic 'Wiggle It (Acid Grooves)'.  The stripped production captures the visceral energy of early acid house, with raw M1 organ bass, piano stabs and 303 squelches.  The rapped vocals boast with charismatic swagger "it'll take control of your mind and make you move your behind".

'Wiggle It (Acid Grooves)' is the first track from the forthcoming ExtRaveRted EP on Spirit Of Rave Records.  The jet black and luminous Keith Haring-influenced artwork reflects the urgent attack and release of the music, building towards that 3am euphoria of losing it together on the dancefloor.  This follows Arkley's Channel A EP, which was heavily supported by BBC Introducing, Notion, Four/Four and Snack Magazine, and tastemaker DJs including Judge Jules.

Press For Arkley:

"Stunning... a modern tip to old-school 90s rave'"- Four/Four
"Fires your early 90s rave dreams to life" - Snack Magazine
"Straight into the eye of the rave storm.  The exhilaration is immediate... Pure joy expressed through music" - Backseat Mafia
Pray For Rave is "an immaculate release from the up-and-coming DJ/Producer" - Notion

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